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AI-enabled Ultrasound Technology for Peripheral Vascular Disease

Moonrise Medical is developing an AI-enabled ultrasound-based device to evaluate flow hemodyanmics in the peripheral vascular system.
Our first application addresses Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) to promote wound healing and prevent amputations.

Peripheral Arterial Disease and Diabetes Have Devastating Outcomes

Through extensive research, our team has unique discoveries in ultrasound-based metrics that are validated through multiple clinical trials showing a direct relationship to wound healing and saving limbs from amputation.

Moonrise Technology Throughout the Patient Journey

In the Clinic/Hospital 

Diagnosis of vascular disease in diabetic ulcer and foot wound patients are typically performed with ankle-brachial index/toe pressure (ABI/TP) measurements. Since many of these patients have calcified arteries, these measurements are well-known to be inaccurate leading to missed limb-salvage interventions, non-healing wounds and amputations. Also, patients with complex wounds and prior minor amputations are left with almost no reliable diagnostic vascular testing.

Patients in diabetes clinics, podiatry clinics, wound care clinics do not have access to immediate in-clinic vascular testing to determine and direct to early treatment and vascular revascularization.

Moonrise technology can allow for early, accurate diagnosis and immediate, personalized treatment.

In the Operating/Angio Suite 

As per clinical international guidelines, Interventional procedures and surgeries are often performed to open the blockages. There has been incredible advancement in interventional treatment modalities to open up blocked vessels (ie. angioplasty/drug-eluting balloons/ stents/ lithotripsy etc.)

There are usually multi-level blockages and operators are left with questions: How many vessels should we open up? Which vessels should be treated? There are no validated and accepted objective metrics to direct revascularization procedures.

Moonrise Technology's objective metric allows for real-time “on the table” treatment guidance.


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